How to Increase Social Signal of My Site – Help needed

Written by  on October 11, 2017

Hi All, I was doing research of my competitor's SEO and found that they are having very good social Signal on almost all of their pages.. I am also[...]

Confused, not in serp

Written by  on October 3, 2017

Hello, i made a blog in german, in german google with 15 article submissed in one day and all of them in webmaster tools are added. that was not good idea then[...]

GSA SER still useful in 2017?

Written by  on September 26, 2017

Do you think GSA SER still useful in 2017 after so many changes in Google algorithms? Long ago in 2006 even when I was using BMD only (with no proxy setting[...]

How much time to rank a mobile app development website in SERP?

Written by  on September 26, 2017

In which time you rank a website related to mobile app development niche and what strategy you follow to improved the rank , traffic or bounce rate of[...]

I have my keywords showing in the SERP and dropping, whats the issue?

Written by  on September 24, 2017

As the title says I am a noob. My site is 3 months old. The domain also same. I have 3 main articles(long form) on the site like 4k 3k and 1500 words.[...]

Yoast description not showing in SERP

Written by  on September 20, 2017

Hi, I have tried finding the answer first before posting but can't find anything. The descriptions I've entered in my Yoast snippet settings[...]

What’s the benefit of having a guest post on google news?

Written by  on September 1, 2017

Ehy, 1 week ago I bought a guest post with a do-follow link from a local newspaper website. And I notice this guest post actually get indexed on google[...]

SERP web tool for pbn?

Written by  on August 23, 2017

Is there any web platform that can track serps of my pbns. I am targeting a few KW and longtails with them for every PBN, so as you can imagine is a lot[...]

white hat seo

Written by  on August 22, 2017

In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology,white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human[...] ∞ Permanent Homepage Posts ∞ Avg 20 OBL ∞ Rebuilt Websites with Real Content

Written by  on August 17, 2017

^( ***PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING*** There will often be a limit for the amount of posts you can[...]