Two domains with PA:20 & DA:30

Written by  on October 20, 2017

I recently bought 2 domains and hosted them using wordpress. One of them is of my niche but other is a domain of dead company. Should I use this domain[...]

Newbie trying to make sense of all the info inundation

Written by  on October 18, 2017

I'm working on a local SEO campaign for our flower shop. Large competition obviously. I've just started into the realm of SEO recently. I'm[...]

Anyone interested in French PBN links?

Written by  on October 18, 2017

Hi All, I currently own some French PBN sites. I'm thinking of monetising them a little bit by creating a marketplace post. They have TF ~15, DA ~35-40 Are[...]

Help with expired domains for SEO

Written by  on October 18, 2017

So I run an adult site and I've found a couple of expired domains with backlinks from some sites with good da and pa. If I buy those domains and redirect[...]

Unable to check PA and DA with Scrapebox software.

Written by  on October 12, 2017

Hi everybody I bought MOZ at Groupbuyseotools. I took the API and added to the scrapebox. I used the Scrapebox software to check the PA and the DA of the[...]

A Tiny Case Study: How My Keyword Jumped fro #37 to #7 in 2 Days

Written by  on October 11, 2017

Hey BHers, [pardon my poor English, it is my 2nd language] I did an experiment a few days ago and gonna share the result I got so far! My site is amazon[...]

Domain with 40 DA & 1 PA?

Written by  on October 9, 2017

Hello, While I was searching for expired domains I came across domain with following PA & DA. Please let me know which domain is worth: Domain: DA:[...]

edu domains

Written by  on October 8, 2017

Hello everybody, i was scraping for expired domains and i found a .edu domain with TF 32 CF 21 and DA 57 and i tried to register it but i realised that[...]

How much would you pay for such domain?

Written by  on October 7, 2017

Ahrefs DR 49 RD 625 TF 40 CF 30 DA 36 PA 35 almost all anchors are brand, i am not a pro in domains but seems its not spammed domain or link farm. archive.org[...]

What is better 1 good pbn link DA 50+ or 30 links DA 20

Written by  on October 7, 2017

Hi. Today i have a question, how to get better results for example 1 link from authority website DA PA + 50 in my niche, or 30-50 link from DA 20 etc? [...]