Ranking New Domain Extensions….Whats Your opinion?

Written by  on October 12, 2017

Hi all, ive made a list of domain names i want to register ( mixed tlds ) but before i go ahead and register them i would just like your input. Is anyone[...]

Commision Junction any good?

Written by  on September 16, 2017

Hi all, im just asking if many of you have had much success with CJ ? I have a niche that Amazon does not cater for so i am wondering if CJ is any good?[...]

I want a full refund off Follow Liker and i will buy a JNR VIP on here

Written by  on August 7, 2017

If i have to pay a subscription service to use follow liker even though i bought a "LIFETIME" license, then i would like BHW to defend my rights[...]

Follow Liker should at least provide a 50% refund to all LIFETIME BUYERS

Written by  on August 5, 2017

Follow Liker ( @weblues ) want to charge subscription fees after selling LIFETIME licenses for years. I bought the software 3 years ago – unlimited[...]